Monday, December 15, 2008

Ginger Man House!

Yesterday, while braving the massive crowds joining us Christmas shopping, we spotted a Gingerbread House Kit at Target. It was the typical impulse buy as it was near the check stand, was $8.00 and was sparkling in all of its holiday promises.

I pointed to it and cocked my head at my husband. "Ba Humbug!" he said. Well, not really. But what sold him was IT WAS ONLY EIGHT DOLLARS. How can you go wrong?

We told our little one tonight that we were going to decorate the house. Her excitement alone was MORE than worth the price. ;) She oozed cuteness and excitement. Big eyed, she got messy and had a blast.

This one here is the "Mommy Ginger Man". I am not sure why this one is the mommy. Maybe I'm just too sweet! Or lumpy... the one behind the mommy, the one with the peppermint candy sticking out of his mouth, is the daddy. If you knew my husband, you'd understand why I find this funny.

Here is the Christmas tree. What do you mean you can't tell that's a Christmas tree?

Ah, the close up of the "Daddy Ginger Man". He's being gagged! I wonder what this says about...oh, never mind. ;)

Sticky candy hands. YUM!

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What holiday traditions are you carrying on or starting anew with your family this season?


J said...

The only real holiday tradition my family has is decorating the tree together while listening to Christmas music and eating whatever my mother has recently baked. Even though my siblings and I like to pretend like we're too old, too cool, too busy, or too (fill in the blank) to decorate the tree, my parents still force us to make time to do it. Despite all of my protestations, I secretly love this tradition.

Spindle Graphics said...

We used to do that, too! We would always listen to the same Christmas songs every year. I still do it with my folks even though I have my own family now. I love it.

Periwinkle Studio said...

I wish I was there! It looks like so much fun and yummy too!
Great memories:)

BrieBrie13 said...

Oh gosh...this takes me back to when I was little we use to go over to my aunts house and make ginger bread houses for christmas... then after that we use to go drive around and look at christmas lights... how fun!!!